November 18th 2013 Update

Project Updates as of November 18th 2013


Project Synopsis


Project Manager

Office 365

Upgrade from Microsoft Live @EDU email and
other services to Office 365 email and other services. Also includes
development of ongoing purge for accounts of students and employees that have
been separated for more than a year.

Purge team met and the pending items were

Pankaj Sharma

PSLtime Proof-of-Concept

Project to determine the feasibility to
using AiM for replacing PSL Webtime.

Issues related to individuals already entering their time in AiM were discussed, and a work-around was identified.

Grace La Torra


EPAFs for temp staff

The EPAF team got the HETHIR, HNTHIR, and
HESHIR re-established in the UBAN environment post-clone in preparation for
the start of training on Monday. The HAFFL EPAF was moved to UBAN for user

Grace La Torra

Proxy Access

Self-Service Banner Proxy Access addresses
FERPA concerns by allowing students to establish and maintain who has access
to their student data

Round 1 of testing is complete and the
consequent issues are being addressed.

Alex Garcia

Banner XE Analysis

Analyze the effort required from Banner XE
implementation and develop a roadmap from implementation

Budget planning for XE is underway. NMSU
attended the Banner Consortium meeting at NMTIE.

Grace La Torra and Alex Garcia


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