December 9th 2013 Update


Project Updates as of December 9th 2013


Project Synopsis


Project Manager

Office 365

Upgrade from Microsoft Live @EDU email and
other services to Office 365 email and other services. Also includes
development of ongoing purge for accounts of students and employees that have
been separated for more than a year.

No progress on purge this week. Waiting for
developers to be released from other efforts.

Pankaj Sharma

PSLtime Proof-of-Concept

Project to determine the feasibility to
using AiM for replacing PSL Webtime.

A complete load of the ZPR tables from AiM
data was completed successfully for the June payroll, with the only
discrepancies being individuals who had been terminated or transferred. A
complete load of the ZPR tables from Oct. timecard data was then attempted,
and was successful for all individuals. The next step will be to run a
payroll to completion in UBAN to ensure that the payroll process as a whole
will work successfully.

Grace La Torra


EPAFs for temp staff

live in production, with no reported issues. Testing of the HAFFL EPAF is
complete, and we are waiting on sign-off from HR/Payroll.

Grace La Torra

DBEU Upgrade (New Project)

Application of the Database Extension
Utility in Banner which is a requirement for Banner XE.

The DBEU has been applied to the Saturn and
General schemas, but questions remain. Further discussion will ensue next
week. Meeting scheduled on Monday December 12th, 2013

Grace La Torra

Workflow Upgrade (New Project)

Upgrade current workflow from 8.0.5 to

Awaiting updated SOW, Training Agendas, and
Technical Requirements for consultants to proceed with work. Work is
scheduled to begin the week of January 27th.

Alex Garcia

Proxy Access

Self-Service Banner Proxy Access addresses
FERPA concerns by allowing students to establish and maintain who has access
to their student data

97% Complete. Russell is working to resolve
issues identified during initial Transition Meeting. Issues are scheduled to
be resolved and Project transitioned prior to Winter Break. Awaiting

Alex Garcia

Banner XE Analysis

Analyze the effort required from Banner XE
implementation and develop a roadmap from implementation

No change.

Grace La Torra and Alex Garcia


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