About Us

What is PMO?

The Project Management Office (PMO) serves NMSU Central Information Technology (IT) Enterprise Application Services (EAS) department within the Information & Communication Technologies (ICT) Office of the University by providing centralized guidance and support of IT Enterprise software projects.

The specific purpose the the PMO is two-fold:

  1. Deliver project support to ICT and its clients by providing guidance in project management processes and methodologies in a manner that is efficient, consistent, and standardized.
  2. Provide mentoring and coaching in an effort to raise the project management maturity level within ICT and its clients.

PMO Charter (January 2008)

This charter is, in effect, the Organizational mandate for the PMO to exist. This document defines the purpose, vision, mission, and functions of the PMO. It states who the PMO’s sponsors and primary stakeholders are, the services that it offers and the staffing and support structures required to deliver those services.

If you have any further questions please email us at ict_pmo@nmsu.edu.